Cross Culture

[16/Jun/2017 – 29/Jun/2017] Four ceramic artists from Japan, the UK and Italy explore aspects of Japanese art and culture through their work. Each artist, all from different backgrounds, is drawn towards a particul … Read More

A History Of The Japanese Print

[4/May/2017 – 10/Jun/2017] Tiger Tanuki presents a unique sales exhibition, tracing the history of the Japanese print from the classic ukiyo-e of the Edo period (1615-1867) to the modern shin hanga and sosaku hanga print … Read More

PikaPika at Home

[5/May/2017 – 8/Jun/2017] Curated by Charlene Lam of Creative Clerkenwell, the selling exhibition will showcase contemporary art and interior objects that are inspired by Japan and created in London. Featured artis … Read More

Portrait of Nature ~ Myriads of Gods

[16/Mar/2017 – 28/Mar/2017] Nobuyuki Kobayashi is a Japanese photographer who creates unique platinum palladium photo prints of nature. Kobayashi uses platinum printing, an old technique characterised by having the … Read More