Hobonichi ほぼ日

We will stock HOBONICHI 2018 here at Sway Gallery!
Same as last year, we will be selling it on a first come first served basis.
Since we had a lot of requests last year, and unfortunately we could not satisfy everyone, we suggest you to write us an email on info@sway-gallery.com or call us on 020 7637 1700, leaving your name, email address and phone number saying that you are interested in Hobonichi and we will inform you when they will be in, so that you can come and buy them before they finish!!
*Please note that even if you leave your details, we will be selling it on a first come first served basis, so if you will not contact us in time there might be no copies left*

Hobonichi is a beautiful planner that was created in 2001 from the Japanese website Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun, and has continued to gain worldwide popularity. Every year, the planner is re-designed, refined and updated to reflect the demands of users worldwide.
It’s a one-page-per-day yearly diary, where you are free to draw, write, stick pictures and so on. Let it become your ‘life book’.